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About Gravely

Observe, adjust, perfect and repeat. For over 100 years, we’ve been prioritising innovation and evolving the range to suit the needs of the passionate homeowners to the commercial professionals.

Grit and gumption: our fuel since 1916.​​​​​

Ben Gravely pushed his designs past their breaking point, identifying ways to improve. Since then, we’ve worked hard to make sure that innovation remains our benchmark. Relentless testing from design to development makes Gravely zero-turn mowers stand out from the competition. Product testing begins in a simulated digital environment, but real testing takes place in your backyard. Using landscaping professionals with our well-equipped team, we put every design through several thousand hours of close examination, ensuring our products outperform the standard testing on a variety of grass and turf. Not every concept makes the cut, but the ones that do deliver a performance worthy of the Gravely name.




Legendary ingenuity and reliability are hard-coded into the DNA of every Gravely product, so you have peace of mind that you’re making the right choice with your next Gravely investment.

You put your mower through a lot. All that back and forth can add up to thousands of kilometers. That’s similar to driving across the country. It’s a lot to ask of a mower. Gravely’s are built to withstand the hardest of jobs. Helping you get the job done season after season and ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable kilometer after kilometer.


100 years didn’t just happen. We earned them. Since Benjamin (Ben) Franklin Gravely received a patent for his motor plow in 1916, today his tradition of craftsmanship and pride in our products continues.

Word quickly spread of the craftmanship and ingenuity Ben built into his machine. The family name soon became synonymous with reliability as people realised how they could depend on their Gravely units year after year. We acknowledge a lot has changed over the decades, but the tradition of building rugged machines with superior designs has always remained true to Ben’s vision.


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