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Battery operated zero-turns – What you need to know

Battery operated zero-turns – What you need to know

You might have noticed a lot of your favourite brands introducing a battery-operated range of equipment recently. Here at Gravely, our Pro-Turn EV range offers 6 entirely battery-powered units, designed for commercial and residential use. To help you make an informed decision about your next zero-turn, we've outlined the benefits and considerations of battery-powered units. 

Benefits of adding battery power to your fleet:

  • These mowers tend to be quieter than petrol ones, so you can mow through the sunrise without annoying your neighbours!
  • Battery-powered zero-turns are generally designed with fewer moving parts than petrol ones, meaning less frequent services and maintenance is needed, and there are fewer parts to replace.
  • They are significantly more environmentally friendly as they emit far less C02 emissions than petrol zero-turns, helping to maintain a clean environment.
  • Our Pro-Turn EV range is designed with four swappable Fusion Core batteries, meaning you can quickly swap batteries for charged ones if you run out of power mid-way through your job.

Considerations for adding battery power to your fleet:

  • You'll need to ensure your batteries have enough charge to finish big jobs if you don't have any spare ones handy. 
  • We've heard a common argument stating that battery-powered mowers lack power when compared to fuel-powered ones. While this will vary depending on the brand of your battery-powered zero-turn, our Pro-Turn EV range is designed with all-day, reliable high-performance power so you can rest assured it'll keep up with your jobs. 
  • Both battery-powered and petrol-run zero-turns require you to pay for either fuel or electricity to run. It's worth comparing these costs to determine if battery-powered options will save you money in the long run.

In the past, petrol has been the only choice, but more and more electric options are becoming more available and accessible in price. Choosing an electric zero-turn comes down to your priorities and the requirements of the job at hand.

If you prioritise a clean, quiet, low-maintenance mowing experience and live in a residential or semi-rural area, mowing a couple of acres or less then a unit from our Pro-Turn EV range will be the perfect choice for you. Alternatively, if you're a commercial user then one of our Pro-Turn EV units may save you money on petrol in the long run. 

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