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Battery operated zero-turns – What you need to know

Battery operated zero-turns – What you need to know

For all those interested in staying up to date with lawn care, you might have noticed a lot of your fave brands (like us 😉) introducing a battery-operated range of equipment. Here at Gravely, our EV range offers 6 entirely battery-powered units. As with any balanced lawn care debate, we will be looking into the pros and cons of battery operated zero-turns mowers. We are here to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision that best suits your lawn care needs and goals.

Without further ado… let’s get into it! 

Pros of battery-powered equipment:

  • They are significantly more environmentally friendly as they emit far less C02 emissions than petrol zero-turns – therefore contributing to a cleaner environment. 
  • These mowers tend to be more on the quieter side especially in comparison to their petrol-powered cousins. This is perfect for those who are early to rise as you can make a start on your lawn without the loud machinery sounds disturbing your neighbours.
  • Another strength is that battery-powered zero-turns generally have fewer moving parts and require less frequent maintenance, making it the ideal option for those who aren’t keen on part replacement. In comparison, petrol-fuelled zero-turns require oil changes, air filter replacements etc, to keep running smoothly.

Cons of battery-powered equipment:

  • You may be restricted by running time depending on the size of your property and if you decide to break it up. However this applies more for electric push mowers as opposed to electric zero-turns. This isn’t an issue for our EV range which has four swappable batteries delivering all-day, reliable performance. 
  • Another common argument against battery-powered mowers is the perceived lack of power in comparison to fuel-powered. However, our EV units are powered by FusionCore which is a lithium-ion battery system. 
  • While the battery-powered zero-turn offers obvious environmental benefits, there is still the associated cost of electricity consumption when recharging the unit between uses.

In the past, petrol has been the only choice, but more and more electric options are becoming more available and accessible in price. Choosing an electric zero-turn really comes down to your personal priorities, and the requirements of the job at hand.

If you prioritise a clean, quiet, low maintenance mowing experience and live in a residential or semi-rural area, mowing a couple of acres or less then, a unit from our EV range will be the perfect choice for you. 

Have we convinced you to switch to electric yet?

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