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Benefits Of Using Zero-Turn Mowers For Your Backyard

Benefits Of Using Zero-Turn Mowers For Your Backyard

If you own a large property and are tired of spending endless hours mowing your lawn, a zero-turn mower might be right for you. Properties with hills, obstacles, and big acreages are no match for a powerful unit like Gravely’s Battery Powered Zero-Turn Mowers. Before purchasing, it’s essential to understand each feature to decide if you need one of these units in your collection.

What Is a Zero-Turn Mower? 

Zero-turn mowers reduce the time spent mowing large areas of grass and have multiple features for safety and efficiency. These units have the ability for each wheel to turn independently, meaning one wheel can be moving forward and the other backward. Therefore, these mowers can turn in place, allowing for quick 180-degree turns. 

Benefits of a Zero-Turn Mower 

Increased Manoeuvrability 

Zero-turn mowers allow you to mow on rough terrains and get to places traditional mowers may not be able to reach. With the ability to move each wheel independently, you can cover a lot more ground and get right into the nooks and crannies of your yard. You can easily work your way around the outside of your home or landscaping, making the job effortless. This also helps you avoid touch-ups after a mowing session as you no longer need to complete additional trimming work around tight edges. 

Shorter Mowing Time 

These mowers are efficient and can operate at high speeds. With a zero-turn, you won’t need to go over the same patch of grass multiple times to get your desired cut. These mowers are powerful lawn companions and get the job done in no time. 

High Quality Cut 

Using a zero-turn mower will ensure your lawn is always in great condition. Packed with super sharp blades, your mower will get your grass looking even and clean. These blades also operate at super high speeds allowing for that quick, crisp cut. Plus, when the grass is so finely cut, it makes for much better mulch, fertilising your lawn in the process! 

Thinking of Getting a Zero Turn for Your Yard? 

If you think a zero-turn mower is for you, check out the full Gravely range today. We stock an extensive range of zero-turn riding mowers with a variety of features to suit every backyard need. Contact our friendly team to learn more and get your hands on one today! 

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