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Mowing Techniques with the Zero-Turn

Mowing Techniques with the Zero-Turn

When it comes to achieving a well-manicured lawn, the right tools and techniques can make all the difference. Our range of high-quality zero turn mowers will empower you to take your lawn care game to the next level. Let's dive into some effective lawn mowing techniques that are Zero-Turn specific to ensure you make the most out of its capabilities.

Mastering the Controls

Zero-Turn’s control systems take some more getting used to than a regular mower so it is important to familiarise yourself with the features available. If it’s your first time operating a Zero-Turn we suggest practising in an open area before tackling your lawn to gain confidence in controlling the machine smoothly.

Zero-Turn Pivots

Zero-Turns are known for their quick and precise turns. Essentially, they are the top of their line when it comes to manoeuvrability. To pivot in place, push one control lever forward and pull the other one back. This technique is useful when navigating tight corners, trees, and other obstacles.

Overlap for Consistency

While zero turn mowers are thorough, it is still important to slightly overlap your mowing paths to prevent missed spots. These mowers have a wider cutting deck which reduces the need for excessive overlap, ensuring even coverage.

Straight Line Efficiency

For larger open areas, you might want to mow in straight lines. A way to keep your lawn looking uniform is to use a fixed object on the opposite side of your lawn as a reference point to keep your lines straight and avoid uneven patterns.

Outer-Inside Technique

When mowing around the perimeter of your lawn, use the "outer-inside" technique. Start by mowing around the outer edge and then work your way inside. This prevents grass from getting trapped against fences or walls, ensuring a neat finish.

Alternate Mowing Patterns

Change your mowing pattern regularly to prevent grass from leaning in one direction consistently. This simple technique contributes to a neater, more visually appealing lawn.

Practice Controlled Speed

The mowing speed on our Zero-Turns can be adjusted according to the grass cutting height and density. A slower speed is often necessary for taller or thicker grass to achieve a clean cut. Experiment with different speeds to find the optimal balance between efficiency and quality. 

Got Questions?

By applying these techniques, you will harness the full potential of your Zero-Turn mower, resulting in a well-groomed lawn that's the envy of the neighbourhood. Zero-Turns are all about precision so it's important to adhere to best practices when operating one. Explore Gravely's range of Zero-Turn mowers today and discover the joy of efficient and effective lawn maintenance.

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