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Mastering Zero-Turn Mower Maintenance

Mastering Zero-Turn Mower Maintenance

It is vital to perform regular maintenance checks on your Zero-Turn mowers to ensure the best possible performance of your mower. To help you out, we have compiled our top tips to prolong the life of your Zero-Turn Mower and keep it in prime condition all year round.

How to extend the lifespan of your Zero-Turn lawn mower

Clean Your Mower Often

Grass and dirt will likely get stuck on your unit when mowing; therefore, it is worth doing these small maintenance checks after every job. Before storing your mower away, ensure there is no grass and other debris on it, as this can result in rust and other damage. Other parts that need to be cleaned include the unit’s deck, the engine compartment, and underneath the deck.

Remove the deck

Tasks like sharpening the blades, inspecting and replacing drive belts and cleaning the underside of your mowing deck can be completed by removing the deck according to your Gravely’s instruction manual.

Sharpen Blades

Dull blades are not good for your grass and make your mower’s engine work harder to do its job – reducing its efficiency. The fastest way to remove the blade is with a socket wrench. Always ensure to wear eye protection and gloves when sharpening your blades.

Change The Oil And Fuel

It is important to regularly drain and replace the old fuel in your unit to avoid clogging up your tank, which can happen if you leave fuel in your mower for a long time. Doing so will also reduce the likelihood of the engine getting stuck.

Check The Air Cleaner

Our Zero-Turns have a heavy-duty canister air cleaner to extend engine life. To keep the air filters performing at their best, conduct regular checks, especially after operating in dusty conditions. Tap the filter on a hard surface to remove loose debris and replace it once it is no longer effective.

Have Questions?

Long mowing sessions can take a toll on your Zero-Turn Mower, but if you keep up with its maintenance and look after your mower, your lawn will remain in pristine condition. By incorporating these easy tips into your Zero-Turn Mower maintenance routine, you will extend the longevity of your unit and mitigate endurance issues from arising. If you have any questions about how to maintain your Zero-Turn or want to learn more about the Gravely range, get in touch with our friendly team today!

Replacement and maintenance parts like belts, blades, lubricants and oils can be sourced from your nearest Gravely dealership. Our experienced Gravely dealers know exactly what their customers and their mowers need to continue performing their best throughout all seasons.

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