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Gravely’s Guide to Spring Lawn Care

Gravely’s Guide to Spring Lawn Care

Spring is the perfect time to catch up on those tasks you’ve been putting off all year. As you get stuck into spring cleaning, keep the mindset going and share some of the love by getting your yard in prime condition in time for summer! Here are some ways to ease yourself back into that lawn care grind as we get into the hotter months of the year. 

Inspect Your Mower

Before diving into lawn care, give your mower a thorough check just to make sure everything is functioning as normal. Some things to add to your checklist is ensuring the blades are sharp, test the engine to see it’s running smoothly, and check all safety features are functional. A well-maintained mower guarantees a job well done.

Clean the Yard

Get the kids involved by doing a big spring clean of the yard. Remove any debris, twigs, or leaves that may have accumulated over the winter. There is nothing better than kicking off your spring lawn care routine with a clean yard. 

Get De-Weeding

Much to every lawn enthusiast's dismay, weeds will often grow all year round. Spring is the best time to get out into your yard and de-weed the lawn and any other areas where weeds may be growing. Therefore, anything you plant this season will grow without interference.


The next step after de-weeding is fertilising. But first, have you checked what fertiliser you are currently using and whether it is appropriate for the season? We recommend a different fertiliser in the spring and summer months to what you may use in winter. Your spring fertiliser will be lighter than the one you use in winter. Watch how much you use, as you can ‘overfeed’ your lawn, encouraging weed growth - applying lighting does the trick!

Seed Bare Spots

If you’re on a roll, reseed bare or thin areas of your lawn as the temperature is mild - giving grass seeds a chance to grow under optimal conditions. Just make sure to choose the right type of grass seed for your region.

Got Questions?

Spring is the season of growth. Take advantage of the nourishing sunshine without the boiling humidity and start your lawn care routine now and you will reap the rewards come summer!

While this seasonal guide provides a great foundation, it will never really answer all the questions you have about your lawn. Visit our website to browse our full range of quality power equipment or visit your nearest Gravely dealer and speak to the professionals about how you can prepare for the upcoming warmer months.

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