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The Benefits of Mulching: Enhancing Soil Health and Nutrient Retention

The Benefits of Mulching: Enhancing Soil Health and Nutrient Retention

Regular applications of mulch is a great way to revitalise your garden as it acts as a blanket for your soil, keeping it cool and moist. Mulching can be made from wood chips, grass straw, old newspaper, organic compost, coconut peat and dried leaves. Just one layer of mulch can provide numerous benefits to your plants, soil and the overall ecosystem of your garden.

Benefits of mulching

Reduces weeds that compete for water, light and space

Mulching prevents unwanted weed growth. As we know, weeds steal the nutrients meant for your plants. Therefore, spreading a good thick layer of mulch prevents weed seeds from getting into contact with the soil and thus lets your soil soak up all the good stuff!

Reduces weed-seed germination

In case some of these seeds get through the mulch, no amount of sunlight can get past them for the seeds to germinate. Mulch is a good weed suppressant as it prevents the weeds from even setting their rooting system.

Insulates your soil and adds nutrients

You will find that mulching will maintain the moisture level of your soil as the protective layer it creates prevents the moisture from evaporating - thus keeping the soil nutrients intact for the plants to enjoy.

Reduces your need to water your garden by 70%

In a lawn that hasn’t been mulched, you will notice the soil will get drier easier, even in the morning when it is usually moist from dew. By spreading a good layer of mulch around your garden you will reduce how often you need to water which is easily a more efficient option.

Adds aesthetic to your garden

Aside from all of these practical benefits, mulching can also be super aesthetically pleasing. An even layer of mulch can create a tidy, well-maintained look, drawing attention to the green foliage of your pants and flowers. If you want to go all out, you can choose from a variety of colours and textures of mulch and find one that complements your garden’s aesthetic.

Time to get mulching!

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to improve the health and appearance of your garden, mulching is a great place to start! The benefits are clear, weed suppression and reduced weed-seed germination, moisture retention and nutrient rich soil, reduced water bills and watering frequency and heightened aesthetics. So, the next time you’re tending to your garden, consider adding a layer of mulch to keep your garden thriving!

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